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From novice to expert, CodeProU provides a wide variety of on-demand healthcare training for ICD-10 diagnosis coding, OASIS, and more.

Many ICD-10 training programs available offer a generic “one size fits all” approach. Focusing only on the actual ICD-10 coding component often ignores what it takes to make a coder an overall success in ICD-10 in home health & hospice settings. CodeProU provides education on how diagnosis coding fits into home health and hospice processes, what a coder needs to know regarding eligibility for the setting, and how codes interact with the respective payment systems.

Planning to get certified in ICD-10 diagnosis coding or OASIS? Prepare for the certification exam with confidence. CodeProU includes certification exam prep from exam review courses with tips & tricks to practices exams to test your knowledge and timing. Tackle certification with confidence and gain the skills you need for success in ICD-10.

Learn more about our coding bundles below and get started today!