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IRF-PAI Coding Guide for Sections GG and H

$ 90.00

A resource to help your staff assign accurate quality indicator codes on sections GG and H of the IRF-PAI!

Medicare Fee-for-Service reimbursement changed for patients discharged from an IRF on or after October 1, 2019, at which point it began incorporating quality measure functional assessments. Understanding each item's definition and the coding scale is essential to ensuring that your IRFs' clinicians accurately document and support their functional assessments.

This useful guide is designed to help clinicians and PPS coordinators accurately assess and utilize the coding scales for the items in section GG, Functional Abilities and Goals, and section H, Bladder and Bowl Continence. The guide includes:

  • Definitions and coding scenarios for the items in section GG and H
  • Numerous updated quality indicator coding tips for admission and discharge assessments
  • "Activity occurred" coding examples for each QI item to help clinicians understand which code to use and how to provide documentation that supports it
  • Decision trees and QI coding scenarios for the "activity occurred" QI codes and the "activity not attempted" QI codes
  • Decision trees for coding the Bladder Continence and Bowel Continence items
  • A graphic that explains how specific items in sections GG and H are used to create a CMG

The guide itself is tabbed with color-coded labels that can help you find the section you need as quickly as possible.

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