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Face-to-Face Encounters: Fact or Fiction

$ 49.00

In home health, a face-to-face encounter with a physician is a requirement to get paid, so it’s imperative to understand how it works. However, there are many misconceptions and misunderstandings, such as:

  • A face-to-face encounter has to happen every 60 days to get paid under pre-claim review
  • The primary diagnosis listed on the Plan of Care always has to match what the physician documented

In this on-demand webinar, Lisa breaks down face-to-face requirements into fact or fiction and discusses what works best with pre-claim review and other types of medical review.

Lisa also covers the newest regarding the Face-to-Face relaxation in the 1135 waiver.

      Continuing Education

      This course awards the following continuing education:

      • 1.0 Contact Hour for Nurses & Administrators

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