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GG vs G: Understanding the Differences!

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With implementation of OASIS-E, the M1800 functional items were placed in a new section labeled G, separate from the GG section. The G and the GG items seem redundant to some and your scrubbers may be giving warnings because the responses seem to be out-of-line. However, the items are not asking for the same response and have different guidance.

The G items are used to calculate reimbursement and quality outcome measures. The GG items are SPADE items that were added to the OASIS as part of the Impact Act with the goal of standardizing data collection and quality measures among post-acute settings. Unfortunately, CMS is disappointed that the data collected thus far has not been sufficient or accurate enough to support changing over to the GG items for reimbursement and quality outcome measures.

In this master class, join McBee expert Lisa Selman-Holman for a deep dive into how the GG items are different from, and why they are superior to, the G items in painting a more accurate picture of your patient’s functional acuity.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the importance of accurate completion of the GG items
  • Define the differences between the G and the GG items in OASIS-E
  • Explain how to accurately respond to the GG items

At the conclusion of this presentation attendees will receive 1.5 Nursing & Administrator CEs, and meets criteria for 1.0 HCS-O 

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No refunds.

Due to the sensitive nature of the course work, and the intangible nature of the product, McBee is not able to offer refunds on any course materials.