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Hospice CoP's

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Subpart A - This module reviews the history of Hospice, an overview of the CoPs, as well as many important Terms and Definitions specific to Hospice.

Subpart B - This module will review the Hospice CoPs Subpart B. It covers regulations related to determining eligibility, the Hospice elections process, and timeframes related to the duration of benefits.

Subpart C - This module will review the Hospice CoPs Subpart C. It covers rights and responsibilities, initial and comprehensive assessment regulations, as well as regulations regarding disciplines of care that are utilized in Hospice.

Subpart D - This module reviews the Hospice CoPs Subpart D Organizational Environment. It instructs on the organizational environment necessary to provide Hospice care according to the CoPs. It reviews the regulatory differences between inpatient and outpatient Hospice care, as well as staff qualifications necessary according to the CoPs.

Subpart F - Module F will review the Hospice CoPs Subpart F Covered Services. Instruction is given on services covered by the Medicare Hospice Benefit, requirements for Hospice coverage, as well as special coverage requirements related to hospice pre-election, evaluation, and counseling services.

Subpart G & H - Module G & H review the Hospice CoPs Subpart G Payment for Hospice Care and Subpart H Coinsurance. It instructs on the basic rules for Medicare reimbursement for Hospice Services, payment procedures for Hospice care, methods used to calculate payments, as well as limitations related to reimbursement. It also instructs on coinsurance for Hospice, liability for services not covered by Hospice, and the effect of coinsurance on Medicare payment
    Continuing Education

    This course awards the following continuing education hours:

    • 3.5 Contact Hours for Nurses & Administrators

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