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O-KAT: OASIS Practice Exam

$ 99.00

The O-KAT is an online, on-demand test specifically created for home health clinicians, QA personnel, and coders. The O-KAT is a great way to access your knowledge of OASIS and prepare for the HCS-O exam!

All the quiz questions and patient scenarios have been revised and enhanced. They reflect the changes in OASIS-D1 and the latest guidance. Additional emphasis has been placed on additional scenarios so individuals will have an opportunity to gauge both their general knowledge of OASIS AND how they apply that knowledge to solve real-world home health challenges.

During your subscription time, take the exam as many times as you need to improve your accuracy and speed!

    *Purchase term consists of 14-days of access to the online modules. Access is limited to the purchaser only. Modules may not be recorded, reproduced, or redistributed without the express consent of McBee Associates.

     No refunds.

    Due to the sensitive nature of the course work, and the intangible nature of the product, McBee is not able to offer refunds on any course materials.